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Network of meeting rooms, for the implementation of projects and the synergies between the different actors of society
Helmstetter Philippe (FR - since 06/08/13)
Sweckard jr Kenton (US - since 03/18/13)
Camp Xav (FR - since 01/18/13)
Gourbeyre Franck (FR - since 01/16/13)
Noben Renaud (GR - since 01/10/13)

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This Charter belongs to all those who adhere to it.
Looking towards the future, it just wants to unite forces engaged in positive change. That’s why it doesn’t include a prior “political” observation or analysis, which would only be factors of division. Oriented towards action, its founding partner is a new internet platform, a tool which concretely facilitates implementing pluralistic actions and co-operation between different partners. As such, everyone can easily participate or take Initiatives. They can do so individually or as a structure, in fields which interest them, and to the extent that they want to get involved. Moreover, any site in the frame of mind of this Charter may become a partner.
Global Citizenship Charter


  • The interdependence of human actions, be it in the field of communications, industry, energy, finance or the environment, which could have global repercussions on the planetary equilibrium and on the fundamental needs of Humanity;
  • Citizen responsibility resulting from such interdependence for any real person or legal entity, as individuals can no longer limit themselves exclusively to self-centred activity;
  • The fact that this responsibility cannot be entirely delegated - not even to a state - whatever may be the conviction and the commitment of its representatives;
  • This is indeed the case, especially since there is neither a world state, nor a planetary government;

We all have a responsibility on this spaceship called planet Earth, the « homeland of Humanity, made up of a whole characterised by interdependence » (preamble to the Rio Declaration – 1992); the interests of all are linked to one another; the happiness of each of us is linked to the happiness of the others and of everyone as a whole.

Also conscious that our actions will determine what we leave to future generations, a responsibility which has become crucial given the capacities for a planetary impact on today’s Humanity;

Lastly, believing that working in a humanist frame of mind gives meaning to our own life and is a factor of accomplishment;

The persons and entities exchanging a link with this site or whose name appears on its lists, commit themselves - of their own accord, in fields which interest them, and in function of their possibilities:

  • That part of their activity be oriented to the benefit of others and of the world, to take or to support such initiatives by a concrete action;
  • To encourage and look for co-operation among all components of society; companies, non-profit organisations, cooperatives, citizens, local authorities and governmental services, with a plurality necessary for the success of projects and for the emergence of global citizenship;
  • To carry out an action of solidarity and responsibility on various levels, from the local to the international level, in the respect of diversity based on tolerance;
  • To concretely promote this Charter and its ethics, in order to contribute to the emergence of a global citizenship and of a more enlightened Humanity.